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Stunt Queen Kanye Believes That Kim Invented Interracial Relationships

A couple of days ago insufferable and delusional stunt queen Kanye West called into the Steve Harvey Radio Show to talk about his staking victim turned wife Kim Kardashian.


Sounding very much like a lost and colorstruck Black man with serious issues, Kanye believes that Kim is the basically the 1st White woman on earth to do something soo taboo and soo groundbreaking her name should practically be in the history books.


Kanye making sure his dress up doll looks presentable kanye-west-delusional


Despite the fact that Interracial Relationships have been going down for centuries Kanye believes that he is a special unicorn. Obviously proud of the fact that he is in possession of the White trophy he was chasing after for years, Kanye told Steve Harvey WW/BM couples he knows had it hard before Kimye.


He went on to say that when these WW/BM couples would go out people would talk crazy to them but of course the influence of Kimye changed all of that.


You never get the sense that Kreepy Kanye is talking about Kim as a person just an object, which is why she should go into hiding if she leaves him because he gives off serious “If i can’t have you – no one will” vibes.



Starts at 14:00



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