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The Beyhive Continues To Sting And Harass Rachel Roy

To say that the Beyhive is a wee bit emotionally involved in Beyonce’s life is an understatement. Years later Keri Hilson still has to put up with the Hive infesting her social media mentions because of what she said about Beyonce.


Now Rachel Roy has to deal with the consequences after she poked the hive and got stung with that infamous Instagram “Becky” comment.¬†And close to a month later the Beyhive still won’t let up.



Every message that Rachel has posted since she took her page off private has been infested with emojis of lemons, crowns and bees.


Rachel isn’t helping matters by acting like she has noo idea why people are pointing the finger at her because after all the “Becky” comment was all in good fun.


Mrs. Good Hair Don’t Care is still trying to act oblivious but the Beyhive is on to her.



But seems like Mrs. Throw Rocks and Hide Her Hands is very calculating and knew exactly what she was doing. Rachel used her ex husband’s connections and money to start her fashion empire.


And she stayed married to Dame as long as he had money but he admitted the second it ran out, Rachel left him.


Also let’s not forget that infamous “don’t do the math” comment when the interviewer noticed the close timeline between Dame’s relationship with Aaliyah & the birth of her daughter.


Now comes word that Rachel’s e-mail was hacked. And it’s easy to point the finger at the Beyhive but considering that this is the most publicity that Rachel has ever received – you have to side-eye her.





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