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Apology Not Accepted: Ms. Lauryn Hill Continues To Con Her Fans

Honestly I don’t blame Lauryn Hill one bit for being late about 1,578 times. The people who keep filling her pockets with their hard earned money are more at fault. When a person shows you who they are the first time – believe them.


Lauryn Hill has been getting away with her now legendary lateness for years  – and her fans continue to put up with the disrespect. Coasting off one legendary solo album for close to 20 years doesn’t give Ms. Lauryn Hill the license to be unprofessional, take fans for granted and disregard their time.


But her tardiness in Atlanta was the straw that broke the camel’s back and it forced Ms. Hill to do something that she has never really done before, publicly apologize.


Lauryn took to Facebook and posted a message that only a fake intellectual could love. Full of self-importance – Ms. Hill explains that it’s very challenging to align her energy. She also said that her true audience knows emphatically that she cares.


I bet Ms. Hill wouldn’t like it one bit if the fans she doesn’t think much of decided to align their energy and refused to give her anymore of their money. What makes her lateness even more disrespectful is that if any of us tried that more than twice at our jobs, we would be fired ASAP.



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