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Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 5: 3 Things We Learned

Joseline has met her match & her name is Tommie

Now that Joseline has dropped the “all my life I had to fight” act she has resorted to blackmail and being messy as hell. But it’s clear that new cast member Tommie is not to be played with. Joseline has spent the last several years either intimidating, cussing out or attacking the other women. Tommie, who instantly leapfrogged over Joseline to become the craziest woman on LHHATL has 32 mug shots and didn’t think twice about putting her hands on Tiarra.


And just like most of Joseline’s so called friendships on LHHATL, it’s obvious there is going to be a falling out with Tommie also. I guess we will have to wait and see if the Puerto Rican Princess will tread lightly with Tommie or try to get one good hit in before security breaks up the inevitable fights.



2. Mimi, Kirk and Rasheeda’s time on the show has run its course

All of them appear to be aware they are life support on LHHATL – because they are trying to throw anything on the wall to see if it will stick. Now we know why Nikko’s wife and her girlfriend were given the boot after they signed contracts – so Mona could make room for Mimi and her rumored to be now ex girlfriend Chris.


Mimi’s story line is solely connected to playing nice with Joseline, which we know will only last so long. Kirk and Rasheeda have nothing going on except dealing with ungrateful and lazy family members at their store. Also they managed to milk a couple of episodes out of the ‘no one gives a shit’ story line of Scrappy being pissed at Kirk. And Kirk & Rasheeda are trying to put his annoying, entitled daughter on who sounds like she has been sucking on a balloon full of helium



3. The thug family was exactly what this show needed

The show instantly picked up once Stevie and Joseline came back but the King family made our favorite ratchet telenovela interesting while they were away. And Mona couldn’t have picked better characters out of the gutter. Tommie is crazier than Joseline. Scrapp & his hair that desperately needs a trim and a hot oil treatment instantly became bae to a lot of women.


KK carrying around that dead ass looking dog and acting like she has noo idea why anyone would want to target her family, when we know damn well that you have to be rotten to the core – to show up on America’s Most Wanted.




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