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Hannah Bronfman Cries Fake Tears After Getting Ethered On Social Media

Currently #Blacklivesmatter Vs #Alllivesmatter are fighting like Ali and Frazier on social media. Plenty of celebrities, who are clearly protecting their coins are on the alllivesmatter bandwagon. Fitness guru, DJ and Lifestyle expert Hannah Bronfman is the biracial daughter of billionaire Edgar Bronfman Jr.

Like many rich kids who have lived in a bubble for most of their lives – one of hardest things Hannah has probably experienced is making the decision between different flavored lattes at Starbucks. Coming off very much like one of those biracials who live in a “kumbaya my lord- I don’t see color” world, Hannah decided to add fuel to the fire by posting a message on Instagram relating to Blacklivesmatter.


Hannah’s now deleted message



But what seemed to have people out for e-blood is not the message itself but the messenger.

A lot of them thought it was laughable that Hannah would write about something that she clearly does not and will never relate to. Even though her mother is Black, Hannah grew up in an elite White world and if you have viewed her snap chat she has mostly White friends.


This Instagram comment said it all

heavenonlyknows82T his is awkward¬†@hannahbronfman Why cry about it? You said what you felt. You have grown up in a colorless elite Bronfman world and it’s ok. Lot’s of biracial kids have a problem relating to all sides of who they are. We normally relate to the more dominate parent. Your mom doesn’t really mention her fam but you seem close to your dad’s fam. Continue to enjoy your elite colorless life with full of yacht life, matcha and rolling with the homies (even though none them look like the “homies”). Stay out of things you don’t understand. You are not required to speak on anything especially if you don’t understand it. It will be ok.



And it was not lost on those who commented that if she ever get’s pulled over by a cop – the last thing they will think is that she is a White woman.



Her White fiance DJ Brendan Fallis¬†has said that his type was blonde hair and blue-eyed women until Hannah came along. And if you are a cynic it’s easy to believe that there is no way he would date a woman who looks like Hannah if she didn’t have the Bronfman name, access to high society connects and a trust fund once dad dies.



What had people rolling their eyes even more was the selfie she posted of herself trying to unsuccessfully squeeze a tear out (complete with a beauty filter) after the wrath of social media came down on her.


It came off phony and it was no doubt a ploy for sympathy. It also had the desired effect because a lot of Whites and biracials came to her defense and wagged their finger at Blacks for not understanding where Hannah was coming from.








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