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Racist Trash Texas Couple Who Verbally Attacked Black Family I.D’d

A lot of us who refuse to bury our heads in the sand when it comes to racism know that racist trash usually have a M.O. They strike when they know they will be protected and they have a uncanny ability to know exactly who to victimize.


A mother and daughter, who happen to be Black were inside of a Texas greasy spoon, where they encountered a trashy White couple. The daughter records the disturbing altercation with the racist trash who holler racial insults at them.


At one point the trashy couple told a lie, when they told the Black family that their ancestors owned theirs. Looking at the two of them we know damn well that they came from a long line of trailer trash – I doubt their ancestors were rich enough to own slaves.



Looking at the video it becomes apparent why the White couple were so bold with their racism – they were mostly surrounded by their own kind, who likely agreed with what they were saying.

Once this video went viral the internet detectives went to work and identified racist trash couple La’tae Chessher and James Everett Sellers with the quickness.




They also left the greasy spoon restaurant social mentions in shambles. Both of these losers have criminal records and look like meth heads. And La’tae has some nerve to be calling anyone out of their name – was her mom smoking meth when she gave her that hoodrat name.


Sampling of James Everett Sellers criminal history – this loser has a long rap sheet.




But from the way they La’tae and James were acting on the video none of that matters because they are White and that automatically makes them superior to any Black person.


La’tae, who was married to a Mexican with her daughters (who don’t look exactly like they are lily white) they were probably taught to say N*gger early.



It’s obvious the both of them felt like the two Black woman were easy targets because i doubt the racist trash would be so quick to verbally attack if it was two Black men.


In the end the mother and daughter showed a lot of restraint because you know what would have happened if things escalated. The narrative would have changed and the usual suspects would have blamed the mother and daughter for acting like animals.


Losers run in the family – James Everett Seller’s father has a record to



You would think that someone who acted like she is never scared would leave her social media accounts up — nope. La’tae deleted them but not before leaving his gem.

She already is setting up the narrative that it was the fault of misguided Blacks pulling the race card.




This lovely exchange happened between racist trash La’tae, Chailynn Dukes (a employee at the trashy greasy spoon) and another person – who was soo giddy over N*ggers being put in their place, that it made him or her want to visit for a burger.

Fellow racist trash Chailynn makes it crystal clear that since the person isn’t Black – they will be treated with the utmost respect.




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