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Why Did People Expect Selena & J.Lo To Care About BlackLivesMatter ?

I am scratching my head wondering why we expect so much from these phony celebrities. Selena Gomez is of Mexican descent and J. Lo’s parents are from Puerto Rico – do we really expect the both of them to all of a sudden play hypeman for BlackLivesMatter ?


It’s obvious a lot of Hispanics don’t give a shit about BLM or Blacks period. And the use of AllLivesMatter by Whites and others has turned into a passive aggressive way to openly oppose BlackLivesMatter.


J. Lo tweeted and quickly deleted an AllLivesMatter tweet and Selena got exposed as a hypocrite when she said to use your voice for something that matters & then in the next breath write that she doesn’t give a shit about BLM.





And what’s funny about the AllLivesMatter movement is that if people really practiced what they are preached – BlackLivesMatter would have never happened.


The both of them have a history of being professional users. Selena has coasted off of her links to Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.


When J. Lo wanted to sell some records she dated a Black man, threw him away like trash when she got what she wanted. She tried to marry White for Hollywood cred but got the tables turned on her when Ben Affleck dumped her. Ben still has J.Lo thirsty and she can’t keep his name out of her mouth. And she used Marc Anthony to try to make herself a credible Spanish & English language artist.



Soo why is it a surprise that Selena, who still looks 12, has a lot of social media followers and White girl fans is doing anything but screaming BLM from the roof tops. J. Lo is savvy businesswoman – who knows exactly what she is doing. The both of them know better than to bite the hand that feeds them.


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