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Twitter News: White People Are Mad Over #ConfuseWhitePeopleParty

It began with Black Twitter poking fun at a lot of the stereotypes that Whites totally believe about Black people and life period – that have them scratching their heads when they realize that it’s totally the opposite.

And of course when you have Whites, Blacks, social media and racial tension involved – there is a 99.9 percent chance some e gang-banging will go down.

And that is exactly what happened once Whites on Twitter got wind of the hashtag #ConfuseWhitePeopleParty. Things got ugly quick and then they tried to turn the tables with #ConfuseBlackPeopleParty.


Here are the Greatest Hits from one of yesterday’s trending topics.






Whites took it really personal & hit back with racism of course..

This guy thought he was going to shut some Blacks up but he got a taste of his own medicine



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